Art Journal wrap up

Art journal September wrap-up.

Hello everyone
I hope you guys are doing okay! I am doing fantastic because these days I am making a lot of art. Now that September is ending and in four days October will arrive, here I am with my best art journal entries of the month.
I felt happy this month, not that I didn’t have any low gloomy days. I did have few really bad days because I experienced a lot of people drifting away from me this month. Certainly, I miss all of them (a lot) but considering the fact that it was they who decided to drift away, I would rather let them go. So yeah I am happy.

Now I do have fewer friends but all of them are true to me.

This is my September art wrap-up :

And here we go.

art jounal
Don’t you see that this charm you carry will harm me in reckless ways?

I took orange as the color theme for this particular entry. There is obviously no such reason for the color theme. I just felt choosing the color orange and so I did.

art journal
We stared at each other with the most intense hatred because we knew we both still care.

The color theme of this entry is yellow. Also, This one is pretty close to my heart. :’)


art journal
Never could I breathe love if I did not first learn to inhale a little bit of chaos.

I didn’t choose any color theme for this particular entry. To be honest I was in hurry to complete this page because I was a bit sleepy. The only reason that I consider this among the best is that the words in this entry are by Christopher Poindexter who is one of my favorite poets.

That’s all for this month. I hope to bring back more better art next month.

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