Flat Lay Wrap up

Flat-lay wrap up.

Hello people,
How was your February?
Mine was pretty tough but I am glad I survived it. The emptiness was unbearable and I hope March brings up something or someone I can hold on to. :’)
Anyway, Lately I have developed an immense interest in clicking flatlays and as I practice more of it I feel that picking up a new hobby or an art is a great way to learn to fight self doubt.
This is a flat-lay wrap up of February 2018.

And here it goes…

//Before// ~ Before things went downhill, I thought grief was an intense sadness, A sadness one can somehow manage to put an end to. I was wrong. Grief is never ending. It is like an ocean, Deep and incessant, It comes in flows. Sometimes it is calm and soothing, Other times the waves can be really rough and overwhelming. ~A

This is the first page of Looking for Alaska by John Green. I read this book years back. I found it in my bookshelf and it gave me my muse that day.

This is the book I bought from World book fair 2018 in 300 bucks. This is also my favorite book of February. I am certainly going to re-read this book because it is worth it.
Also the bookmark in this picture is by catchthydreams (an instagram shop for customized dream catchers.)


We all owe a terrible loyalty,
Against terribly broken us,
For we all sail the same terrible boat,
In the same terribly stormy sea.

I performed poetry in an event by ATKT.in in Torquoise café, Green park. I got this little notepad as a token of appreciation. I am trying my best to fill it with quotes and short poems.

I hope my interest grows stronger in this newly found hobby.
With Love