Home – Doodle and a Poem

Recently I doodle my definition of home in a booklet.
This is for a new project that I have been working on which is titled as “Booklets that define”.
I have always been someone who looks too deep into something or someone. I believe there is always more than what meet the eyes.


Throughout 2018, there is one major thing I have learnt – Home is not just a room with four walls. Home is a feeling. You don’t build a home instead it builds you. I do had homeless moments in 2018, when I felt lonely and broken. But fortunately I ended up meeting people who makes me feel at home.

This post is dedicated to all of them. Thank you for being my peace amidst all the chaos. Because of your existence I faced everything with courage and optimism. Because of you I treated myself better. Because of you I was able to see my uniqueness. Because of you I realized I deserve to be happy, Because of you I am having a happy 2019.

Click here to watch a flip-through of my booklet.

Here is my definition of home that I converted into a doodled booklet.

It is when your mother wraps you in her arms
As you watch a horror movie
While you never feel the horror
Because you haven’t yet found one that can scare you.
It is when your dad drive down an old road
At eleven under the stars
listening to the CD that you gifted him
on his last birthday.
It is when your best friend waves you bye
And before you can walk away
He grabs you and pulls you towards him
Because you didn’t give a goodbye hug yet.
It is when your boyfriend takes your hand and squeezes it,
To let you know that be it rain or sunshine
He will always be by your side.

Home is not just a room with four walls.
Home is a feeling.
You don’t build a home,
Instead it builds you.

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