Hula Hoop Buying Guide for Beginners

Hula hoop buying guide for beginners –

This is a beginner’s guide that will help you in choosing the size of hula hoop that will work best for you.
Following are some of the points that this guide will cover –

1. What size of hoop should one choose as a beginner.
2. What should be the weight of your first hula hoop.
3. Some websites from where you can get your hula hoops home delivered.

Let’s look into each factor one by one

What should be the size of your first hula hoop?

The golden rule of buying your first hula hoop is to grab the one that comes up-to your belly button.

How to buy an appropriate size of hula hoop online?
This honestly is not a tricky thing to crack if you remember the golden rule of buying your first hula hoop. Measure the height from your toe up-to your belly button as you stand straight and then look for the exact size of hula hoop online.

This way the diameter of your hula hoop will be 60% of your height and that will help you a lot as a beginner.

What should be the weight of your first hula hoop?

When it comes to choosing the weight of your first hula hoop one should definitely pick a heavy hoop instead of a poly-pro or light weight hoop. Typically beginners hoop weighs around 450-700 gms. The lighter the hoop the tricky it gets to balance it.

Though the first hoop I picked weighs between 300 and 315g. But if you follow my hula hoop stories on instagram you know that it took us (me and my hoop) only 24 hours to gel up well. I mean fortunately I managed to hoop with the one that was technically not much suitable for beginners, had i known this fact I would have definitely picked the one that weighs around 450-700 gms.

Some websites from where you can get your hula hoops home delivered.

Here are two of my most preferred websites to shop hula hoop online.


My first hula hoop was from decathlon (click here), and even though it weighs less that 450g it worked well for me. (If you plan to pick this one remember that it does not fall under the golden rule of picking the right weight hoop as a beginner!)

2. Hulahoopsindia

This is my go to place to shop hoops online. From HDPE to polypro hoops they sell all the kinds. I recently bought two hoops from them and it was totally worth it.

Hope this ‘hula hoop buying guide for beginners‘ helped you in picking your first hoop.
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