30 Days of Love Quotes. (Day 1-10)

30 days challenge.

Under #30daysoflovequotes I wrote quotations about love for 30 consecutive days.

Below is my quotations from Day 1 to Day 10.

Day 1,

Ina dead city at 2Am
I write about you, for you,
And I wonder when you read it
Will you kiss me or just clap for me.

Day 2,

At every 11:11 pray to be a part of the sun after you die just so you can keep your partner warm even in your absence.

Day 3,

Carry her heart, but carry it in your heart always.

Day 4,

The moon will rip our bedroom roof to watch us the day we will spend our first night together.

Day 5,

If love has to be anything, it must be everything.

Day 6,

This is the magic of love, you can feel the sunshine even in the coldest season.

Day 7,

Love is to pretend that you have forgotten the things that you can’t let go.

Day 8,

You know you like them when you are drunk and you find them beautiful. You know you love them when you wake up sober the next morning and still find them beautiful.

Day 9,

You know it’s real if your love for him overpowers your will to die.

Day 10,

If he interests you in a field full of horses, he is your unicorn.