30 Days of Love Quotes. Day 11 to Day 20.

30 days challenge.

Love Quotes.

Under #30daysoflovequote I wrote quotations about love for 30 consecutive days.

Below is my quotations from Day 11 to Day 20.

Day 11

If there is one beautiful thing in this shattered world – it is love. If there is one terrible thing that leads to shattering – it is love.

Day 12

Love goes wrong when you push the door that says pull.

Day 13

If it limits you, it’s not love.

Day 14

The less he offers, the more I lose.

Day 15

May be love carry scars in shape of your words, may be love needs care.

Day 16

If you stop talking to her, stop talking about her too.

Day 17

You know he really loves you when he puts his phone down to hold your hand.

Day 18

You have found your soulmate when you no longer think of suicide as your home.

Day 19

Don’t be mad at yourself for giving your love to wrong people, just understand the fact that they probably needed it the most.

Day 20

I have never wanted anything more than to lay beside you at night and listen you talk.

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