An Anecdote of Beba

A Cat Story!

Having played to her heart’s content on most cold nights Beba would come to us to rest for a while. She would grab an end of my straight pants climb to my lap and just when I will try to pet her she’ll jump unto your lap and sit there ignoring my presence. When on such night I catch you both sitting together with harmony looking straight at the bonfire I wonder if you will be the favorite parent, and the kids like beba will only climb my lap to use it as a staircase to reach yours.

Yet no matter how much I dislike Beba’s act of using my lap as a staircase, I can still shout this out loud that Beba is a jewel of a cat. She is a delight disguised and clothed like a cat. Every winter night she comes to us, sits on your lap at ease, and watches the bonfire with us. Every night she does it with same passion like we do, like it is a ritual to follow so our hearts never turn cold.

By late autumn when the yard grow thick with fallen leaves she walks on it elegantly with her tail up in the sky like it is time for her red carpet walk and whenever you catch her wiggling her bum you chuckle and the moment Beba catches you chuckling she rushes to climb the staircase only to reach your lap.

I love the way Beba makes you chuckle and I shout – she is a jewel of a cat.💛🌻

The above attached anecdote is an Episode for my Instagram series #wordsonvisuals.

a cat story
Photograph by : Molly Stroud

For Napowrimo Day 13 I presented you a cat story straight from heart. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed it.

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