Blurring of gendered selves


Either pink or blue!
But what if I liked both?
And what if I liked none?

These differently designed,
List of hobbies,
Football love for boys,
Barbies for girls.
These differently designed,
Wardrobes for the two,
Just making the wall,
Stand strong.

Ain’t we?
Just barring different opportunities,
Under hashtag gender-self,
Following already made rules,
Emphasised by the stereotype society.

Ain’t we?

The world is smarter,
And so are the people,
Pinks winning medal,
Where blues managing children.
The clock is turned,
The time is different,
Pinks learning cooking,
Where blues know how to.

The minds grew a bit,
And so does the thoughts,
Blurring pink-blue selves,
Accepting it all.

Because Oh dear!
Ain’t we, homo-sapiens,
Regardless of our gender,
Beneath the skin exactly alike?
Ain’t we?