Had I met you in my 70s

Had I met you in my 70s
my knees probably would have been like baba’s
which is to say we won’t have climbed that mountain
which is to say that smoke won’t rise upwards
and ACDC won’t be our high-vibe-bands
the beats too high for our slow racing hearts.

Had I met you in my 70s
the story would have been a soft-spoken tale
filled with wrinkled smiles and sufi songs.
I would have brought you your favourite flavoured ice-cream
and by the time I reached your room it had mostly melted
in my wrinkled arms that constantly shake, of no fear but age.

Had I met you in my 70s
we would have not been talking about death
but hoping to live just one more day.
You would have sing to me “aye meri zohra jabeen”
I would have danced with that constant step
both hands on waist, jerking with no patterns.

And when it would have been our first party together
In a room full of wrinkled-shaky legs dragging here and there
I would have reached to you with my rooh-afza glass
that won’t have enough ice cubes to turn my purple veins cold.
You would chuckle with wet eyes that looks like marbles.

I would plug in Kishore kumar’s playlist
and you would raise your eyesbrows
gesturing me to play ACDC
because had I met you in my 70s
we’d still be we!


NaPoWriMo 2020 will end in next 6 days and I am glad I am kept the pace good this month. I hope i don’t quit in these 6 days. It was fun writing everyday for 30 Days. “Had I met you in my 70s” is by far my most favorite piece from this year’s napowrimo collection. 🙂

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