The Era of Landlines

You and me sit in the back of my memory
Like silly teen lovers talking over landline with soft voices
in the era when love was 6 digits rolled in a tissue paper.

Every time you heard your Dad’s footsteps you hushed
and I noticed even if my Mom’s radio overpowered everything.
Hushed, we sat there waiting to get the privacy
of becoming intimate with whispers wrapped in love.

But our landline conversations ended before I could whisper again
for you jumped to new era and our chronologies mismatched.
You bought an android to scroll her Facebook pictures
I preferred men with their lover’s photograph in wallet.

Years have passed by and
my lover with my photograph in his wallet
write to me handmade letters
my lover with his clumsy fingers
adjust my reading glasses on days full of words.
my lover whispers to me in the era of loud moaning
making plans to rush to mountains and hills.

Years have passed by and
my lover still sits with me in backyard of my broken heart
writing elegies rolled in tissue papers to the era of 6-digits.

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