A letter to him.

Dear sugar,
I still have that white shirt you left here that night when I slept in your arms and you know what, it still smells of you. Sometimes when the ache in my chest rises up and I feel shiver down my spine, sometimes when my ears crave for the sound of your pounding heart, sometimes when my skin miss the warmth of yours, I put it on. I put it on to remember how it feels like to be all wrapped up in a part of you and to remember how it feels to be in your arms. I remember how you said you love me till infinity while removing that shirt off your body and how your words, like a magic spell, left me hypnotized. I guess that night our love made even Pablo blush. I still have those scars you gave me on my bare shoulder and you know what I still carry them with proud like a queen carries her crown.

I met a lot of people in my life, some left, some are still here, but nobody ever touched my soul the way you did. You actually make me want to live while everyone else just makes me feel like I had to. I never realised that I am so deeply in love with you until the thought of separation hit me hard last night and tears rolled down my eyes. It’s been a long time since I have seen you. I wonder how you look now, ugly or still that much adorable! But then even the moon has dark patches yet it attracts everyone’s attention and yet poets always make parallel between beauty and the moon. Honey, you are my moon or may be my whole world.
Tonight as I close my eyes to sleep silence starts to echo and the memories of us shout back to me, yelling at me to be with you forever because leaving you behind will be like welcoming the emptiness in life. Honey, deep down in my heart I always pray that your infinity never comes to an end.
Profoundly in love with you.

~Your little baby.