Dear change


Dear change,

I have heard a lot about you that it made you sound like an intruder to me, an intruder that would destroy everything. To me, you appeared as a thief who would take away the peace that took years to settle in my bones. I thought about you a lot that sometimes I even saw you as a zombie in my nightmares crashing me beneath your feet. You know, I never wanted to meet you or even see you closely. Never. And when you finally appeared I screamed and screamed hoping that you might go away but you didn’t. Instead you stayed there asking me if I know you. I said I don’t and you told me you were already a part of my life. I thought you always come wrapped up in a sandpaper but you told me that sometimes you are wrapped inside a gift paper too. You told me you are that face which made every other face irrelevant, that you are the colorful ink sprawled across the pages of my story adding beauty to it and that you are the rose in the field full of daisies.


The changes we experience are like seasons and even the coldest winter happens for the best of the reasons. How unpredictable life is! It never stays the same but then that’s what help us to grow.


Dear change thank you for the growth and for making me who I am today. Thank you for making me strong enough to grab life by it’s collar, slam it against the wall and stare it straight into the eyes.

Dear change you were never an intruder, you were a revolutionary who made me what I am today.

Dear change I think I have started falling for you.

~Yours truly.