Dear future self,

Little Anku ^_^
Little Anku ^_^

Dear future Anku,

Everything that has happened has lead you to this moment. Probably everything worked out exactly as it should be as the puzzle pieces fit together make sense out of paths once travelled. All the successes, failures, heartwarming and heartbreaking moments were worth it. No regrets! You were, are, have been and always will be an amazing human, and that’s what matter in the end. Despite all the constant frustration you faced, you’ve managed to wear glitter every damn day. Which is pretty much a victory honey. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a long race and you’re not in it just to win, you’re in it to cherish this journey. Take a breath. Look down at your two little feet. Look where they have got you finally. Try to spread as much love and kindness as possible, meet people often, hug those around you, ask them how they are doing, and listen to them without plotting your response at the same time. Feel the sunshine falling on your face, run jump, climb mountains and shout aloud your dreams, feel being alive honey. Have not you always wanted to be an adult! So cherish this adulthood now while still being a kid. Go on an epic vacation and buy a new outfit with your own bank account that you have hopefully acquired by now. You’ve earned it.

I am sure as you continue to age, you’ll continue to get more awesome.
Keep slaying.

-Your little Anku