When I Think of Lines

when i think of lines

When I think of lines I think of lovers.

The parallels refusing to meet
yet not rushing afar from other.
The intersects meeting at one point
making love in a full moon night.

The perpendicular standing with pride
as if gladly terrible at expressing love.
The horizontal one always resting like
being the absolute favorite of his beloved.

When I think of lines, I think of lovers.

The epigraph of a lonely book,
The parts of lyrics I sing on repeat,
The dialogues you deliver when we make love,
The elegy I wrote in reverse,
The favorite quotes of favorite novels,
The pauses in each of the above.

Last night you sent me a one-line sketch of us
This morning you refuse to board the same bus.

When I think of lines
I think of you and your sketches.
When I think of lines
I think of lovers.

NaPoWriMo Day 08

Now that it has been a week to NaPoWriMo it is truly getting difficult to keep writing everyday but as is said we are not suppose to create 30 masterpieces and it is okay. The challenge is to keep writing and not quitting. 🙂

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