Make Poetry Stay.

//Make Poetry Stay.//

I am in a love relation with poetry.
Our true partnership is that we actually
love and be loved for things most unlovable.
Our longings are mutual longings
not isolated and alone, but we belong
to each other, to words,
to love greetings composed in bosom of lovers
like lullabies untwined in cold winds.

Most Fridays I chug my beer,
tap-dance on sound of poetry’s snaps,
then before it doze off I fill its fist
with love metaphors and euphonious phrases.
Most gloomy nights I gulp my sadness
like a raw egg in a glass of milk
you can’t chew it yet the taste lingers.
Those gloomy nights I read sad parts of poetry to ocean
and watch the catastrophes drowning in it.

On days when I see poetry leaving
I reload page of Google maps
then blindfold myself and do a trust fall
tracing the path that will lead me home.
But before it can say “it’s not you but me”
I rip my heart and expose the love similes.
We hug and shrug the distance away
I take refuge and make poetry stay.

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