A Bowl of Romance with a Pinch of Comedy

NaPoWriMo 2020, Day 01
Airplane Poetry Movement prompt : “Write a poem introducing yourself”

//A Bowl of Romance with a Pinch of Comedy//

napowrimo 2020

If you solidify daylight, freeze the stars,
and let sunflowers bloom from the cracks,
If you read aloud a tragic love-story
and dog-ear all the pages with the word “love” in it,
If you wear a neon dress on day of mourning
and fill the back of your notebook with paradoxes,
If you set a tree on fire leaving the branches alive,
and make a house decades away from home

You will see my reflections in all of it.

I am the kind of “ifs” that have tragic elements
yet let the protagonist survive all odds.
I am a bowl of romance with a pinch of comedy
the kind of diet all dietitians recommend.
I am daylight solidified with frozen stars
the kind my heart might always embrace.
I am the refugee being decades away
From everything that has a sad ending.
~A (Napowrimo 2020)

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