A Record on Repeat

I sit down today
to again write a poem.
They say if you love something
you must not do it every day
for that kills the feeling it carries.
I tell them that if you don’t do it every day
do you really love it enough?

Love doesn’t happen over the first-writing attempt
or a drunk slow dance in a fresher’s party,
For one-night stands are not alike love.
Love happens over intertwined fingers
as you sing your beloved’s favourite song
very off key, yet again every day.

It doesn’t happen over one pretty sketch
but doodles that you make on their faces
each Friday when they doze off before you.
Love happens over counting their moles
over and again until you wholeheartedly
learn the map of your lover’s body
then pen it down in a free verse form.

It doesn’t only happen over sales
when you can grab everything
at discounted prices.
It happens over saving money
to take your lover on shopping dates
even on days when you fail to find good deals.

So the next time they tell you
to not pick up your pen every day
Tell them how much you love your lover
on Fridays and Mondays
on movie nights and vacant noons
on staying together or in state of lockdown.

Tell them how much you fell for poetry
again and again, like a record on repeat
“I love her”.
It’s Day 24 of NaPoWriMo,
“I love her”
The lockdown has extended for another 21 days
“I love her”
The mug-cake taste is too monotonous
“I love her”
Tonight don’t write but paint your wall instead
No. Pick up the prompt and tell them – “I will love her again and always”


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