Song Of The Rusty Abode

Song of The Rusty Abode

The house is full with perfumes and fragrances
but the mind dwell in riverside rusty abode.
Done with indoor libraries and complaints
strong and at ease he travels the open road.

To touch the stars or remake constellations
he wishes not, for they are where they must.
The mountains expand left hand and right
and whoever denies might turn to dust!

The morning drum-call on his eager ears
call for day dreams to awake in the sun.
Strong and at ease he travels the open road
till the life is lost or the battles won.


NaPoWriMo Day 12

Yesterday I watched “Groundhog Day” and a dialogue of the movie stuck in my head being the muse of this piece.
Attaching the dialogue below –

“I think people place too much emphasis on their careers. I wish we could all live in the mountains at high altitudes. That’s where I see myself in five years.”

This morning I felt an urge to write a song of the rusty abode, talking about mountains and high altitudes. And I believe napowrimo is the time where one is not supposed to leave any writing urge alone.

I picked the pen and I jotted this down.
Hope you had a happy reading.

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Signing off
Until Day 13
Ankita Taneja.