The end came anyway

So convinced was I,
That the world was beautiful then,
My spirits were high,
When I was ten,
Kindness do exist,
I believed it with all my heart,
There would be no mist,
I accepted it in the start,
Later growing old,
I realised the hardships that I dealt,
Found myself restricted in my abode,
Oh! the drowning feeling that I felt,
Those blubbery wet lips pressed against mine,
I wanted to scream but was exhausted from the fight,
‘Don’t please’ I managed and kept saying it a lot,
Wondering he will feel the pain, yes! he might,
‘Don’t’ I said. I said ‘please’,
Sometimes combining them both,
‘Please don’t’ or ‘don’t please’,
Tired of hearing me plead,
He ripped over my pants,
‘Big white panties’ and all filthy stuff he said,
That dark dull day to me,
Was the 26/11 of the Indians,
The 1945 of the Japanese,
The 9/11 of the Americans,
It is the day he made a battlefield of my soul,
I struggled a lot,
A lot I wept,
But he still made me lie underneath,
Making me listen the beating of his heart,
How mine skipped like a rabbit,
And how his thudded, a hammer against clothe,
That was all,
He had done this thing to me,
And that was all,
I was still breathing,
But dying from inside,
‘Tell me you love me’ he yelled,
And gently I did, as came the end.