The Moon in Yellow Pajamas

They say if you shower enough warmth
you can make home out of every house.
I say you give me some days
and I will reach the sun
tear it and expose its coldness
only to proof that sometimes
not even a lifetime of warmth
can keep you enough warm!

They say coldness only cause collapsed roofs
and I tell them the conversations I hold with the moon.
How we talk about eras, arts, and imperfections
and every time everything seems fresh and true.

Tonight I talked to moon
about Shakespeare’s improper catastrophes
about the sky floating in foreign orbits
about funny Phoebe’s Smelly Cat lyrics
about penguins, love, and you.
Tonight I wondered why the moon
wore yellow pajamas.
Dammit, I tell you this house is whiskey mixed with vodka
the kind of drink that makes you dizzy enough
that you tell the sun all secrets of moon!
The kind that teaches you
that if you serve it cold
you can make home out of every house.