Perhaps the storm isn’t so bad?


I felt a cloud hanging over me,

The cloud as grey as I feel,

At first I try to run from it,

Only to know that it follows my every move,

I even try to hide from it,

Only to find it waiting at my hiding place,

I can’t look up,

In fear of being beaten back down,

I can’t look forward,

For the darkness has stolen my light,

I lie fragile upon the tear-soaked ground,

Catching a glance of my hopeless reflection,

In the midst of this depression,

I find it impossible,

Impossible to see a way out,

Impossible to believe that the sun will shine,

Impossible to find the light to guide home,

Impossible to have a peaceful sound sleep,

Impossible to feel the warmth of love,

I find it all impossible,


Such an inescapable feeling it is,

But then it is only through this darkest moment,

I learn the most about myself,

Assessing parts of my own self,

Becoming aware of what I possess,

I started spending time differently,

Writing, drawing,

Imagining and creating,

It is through this darkest moment,

I became more creative and animated,

Perhaps being weathered and worn,

Only make us more passionate,

Perhaps these rough survived storms,

Are proof of our anchors’ strength.