The Timeline.

Last summer
I had an odd dream
where loneliness walked on two legs
carrying a sparkling silver knife
it reached the moon and it fell
Injured on the starry sky.

This Fall
I kept waking up with a hangover.
My heart was mostly on fire
so I finally cried enough water
then piled up the fragmented summer dream
and tear it all piece by piece.

This morning
I read about John Donne’s
comparison of human tears
with love’s wine, and I wondered
if that’s what I am supposed to tell you
the next time you send me a lonely text.

This night
I am scratching the grief from my walls
while wish you were here plays in the background.
The scratching sound send shiver down my spine
like dead shall live and the living die
I wonder this music might tune the sky.

The song ends,
silence hovers.
I am losing track of my timeline!

NaPoWriMo Day 14

I also painted the visuals of this poem on an old Denim pants, attaching the same below –

Visuals of The Timeline.

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