To coffee Shop

I looked at the door outside
and it read in bold “WELCOME”.
But nothing says welcome without a threat.

I read further and it said
“The leg space with four legs
let the legs intertwine
like tongues in a French kiss.”
A threat.

Holding my adventurous heart in palms
I entered the café.
Sat on the table
and the menu card introduce me
with things that can substitute war.
Cups of black coffee,
Chocolate chip cookies,
Table for two,
Leg space with four legs.
I placed order for a thing and two.

A boy entered with a dagger in palms
filled legs in the space that I ordered.
He then dipped the dagger in my soul
like a biscuit dipped in chai
and before he could take it out
it melted and broke,
making home in my soul.

To the coffee shop,
that taught me that not only war
but love too cause messy hair.
To the coffee shop,
that taught me that some mess
can bring smile and warmth.
To the coffee shop with threat,
When I look at you I hear you saying
“forget the war, build city instead.”

NaPOWriMo Day 16

to coffee shop
Photograph by Natasha (Instagram handle : @tinkoutofthebox)

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