A Wine Upon the Lips

This women’s day I picked some words of Virginia Woolf, and by adding and blending my own I wrote a poem.

If asked to title the piece I will call it  – “A wine upon the lips.”

She stood there;
she listened.
She heard the names of the trees.

The trees gave her courage
To see the world’s tainted glory
And the moon gave her lessons
On how to still love it.

She stood there
Believing in fairies.
She watched some lending her their wings.

The kindness filled her heart
With liquid sunsets and moonlight.
And in this city she found
Freedom of the mind.

Looking up at the stormy sky
She found herself losing illusions,
In order to acquire others
That would let her fly high.

She stood there;
she listened.
She called out the names of the trees.

The rooted trees that still flow
With the rhythm of the wind
And the sound of winter nights
On melancholic classic tunes.

The trees that have no country,
The trees that want no country.
She stood there for long,
Making a room of her own.

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