Weekend Mood

//Weekend mood in a poem//

When Monday smells like stale bread
scoop up the drowsiness and wrap it
with pink sky that floats in the lazy eve.
When Tuesday approaches with open wounds
cover it up with white and label “hope”
for hope is a noiseless weapon that can win all wars.
When Wednesday walks over like a landslide
crashing your week with all possible tricks
chug your beer and dance around the cracks.
If crappy drunk Thursday pushes you in bed
tape it and leave before it asks for you, then close the door
shouting loud “there is no we, only you for you, and me for me.”
Because no matter how shit these four may treat you
Friday will reach tagging along the weekend twins
And before you would realize you will fall in love so hard
letting the same toothbrush wash all four’s mouth.

~ A, weekend mood.

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