You Are Beautiful

Love sometimes dances with me
the clumsy leg shuffles and hands up in air
Most drunk nights we would fight
on deciding the song we will dance to.

In between such silly fights love holds me
from the waist and says “you are beautiful”
I blush and shuffle my legs to continue the step
love catches me after an awkward fall
and before I could rush to hide the embarrassment
Love tightly holds me back, “you are beautiful”

Today morning I woke up with an urge to count
the hurt that failure caused on my heart and face
I picked my mirror to check the bruises
Love shouts from the bathroom “you are beautiful”.

Love doesn’t like pizza with extra cheese
yet every time I cry love showers cheesy compliments
and when I laugh my heart out on spilled cheese
Love notices my rabbit teeth and still says “you are beautiful”.
We then dance on the cheesy floor avoiding awkward falls
the clumsy leg shuffles and hands up in air
sober minds drunk hearts shouting “We are beautiful”.

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