Death in The Stocks – Book Review by Ankita Taneja

Do you think that the resourceful superintendent Hannasyde will be able to solve the case of the death in the stocks?

About the Author –

Gerogette Heyer was a prolofic detective ficiton novelist. Her debut book was The Black Moth. She was popularly known as the queen of mystery and suspense for her detective novels. The total number of detective novels written by her in her career as a writer is 12. She was also very well known for essentially establishing historical romance genre.

Death in the Stocks Book Review ~

Plot Summary

Death in the Stocks is a crime mystery. It is book 1 from the “Inspectors Hennasyde and Hemingway Series” by Gerogette Heyer.

The Plot revolves around solving the murder case of Mr. Andrew Verker; the murder that happened in a moonlight night in a sleeping village, the murderer who locked Mr. Verker in the stocks on the green after stabbing him to death, and the inspecting superintendent Hennasyde who was tested to all his limits in solving the case.

Every member of his family had a motive that made them the suspected murderer.
Was it Antonia, Verker’s sister, who strongly disliked him for forbidding her to marry Rudolph?
Or was it Kenneth who wished to grab all the money Verker owned?
Or perhaps it is the beautiful Violet with a greedy mind?

The superintendent Hannasyde found the Verker family very corrupt and amusingly unusual, which made it so difficult to cooperate with them to solve the mysterious case. This difficulty makes the plot as a whole a bit amusing.

The Good and Bad –

The first thing that catch my attention is the book cover of Death in the Stocks by Georgette Heyer. The cover depicts the plot of the book in bits and pieces and is so catchy.

death in the stocks book review

The novel is a crime mystery yet all the dialogues in the book are written in such an amusing way that you just can’t help but keep reading it till the end. The writing style instantly made it a very captivating book for me.

Though I personally didn’t feel any emotional attachment towards the murder of Verker, for the novel directly begins with the murder and doesn’t give the reader much detail about Mr. Verker as a character. It is only from the investigation process that the readers can receive some information about Mr. Verker.

The book is not at all lengthy which is a positive sign because if it would have been dragged longer the book wouldn’t be as captivating as it is now.

If you are into reading crime mysteries it is definitely a book that you must pick and read.
I am excited to read more from the “Inspector Hennasyde and Hemingway series” by Gerogette Heyer.

To conclude Death in the Stocks book review, I would say that I will give this book 3.8 stars out of 5.

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