Unposted Letter by Mahatria Ra

Title: Unposted Letter
Published by: Manjul India
Genre: Nonfiction, Self-help
Pages: 182

Unposted letter

Unposted Letter is a collection of short articles. Each article contains deep and profound reflections on many topics related to life, work, situations, and attitudes. Each page contains ideas and concepts that can change the readers’ view on many things and make their life richer and more enjoyable. The book contains simple lessons and principles and practical ideas that, if implemented, can make life more fulfilling and adverse situations easier to face.

I am extremely happy that my first book of the year is so inspiring. It’s pretty difficult to write a review on a self-help book, I mean it’s there to help you and it does.
There are few YouTube videos on life lessons by the author of this book that I saw back in high school. At that time I was too young to understand anything of that matter. So I just watched it considering it as a lecture and didn’t ponder upon it. (Click here to watch) Now as I read this book I can think and learn so much more and better.

Unposted Letter

I am not a non-fiction lover at all. I can’t even think of any non-fiction that I read before reading this book. Although reading Unposted Letter is a worth sharing experience. Even after going through mid-life crises I am dealing with life in a very fine way and the reason is this book. I know this might sound silly but trust me had I not been reading this I might have spent a lot more days feeling low. Unposted letter is a book that needs to be read, reflected upon, inculcated, re-read, re-reflected and re-inculcated.

It took me just three metro rides, each of one hour, to finish this book. This is not really a heavy book in terms of vocabulary. Though the slower you read the better you enjoy. The articles contain solutions to the problems everyone face some day or the other. The book left me amazed, when I finished it I couldn’t speak for a while. I felt like staying shut. May be it was my self-introspection phase. I could feel the calmness.

Unposted Letter

In case you are going through mid-life crises or you feel like you can’t deal with life problems anymore pick this book. It will certainly help you.

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