Things I Do While Audiobooking

Audiobooks are a perfect way to relax and get things done (things that barely requires any work). Seriously audiobooks are a great way to double your productivity. I always prefer doing something while I listen to an audiobook because staring into space makes me zone out.  Below is the list of things I prefer to do while listening to an audiobook.

  1. Colouring and Painting
    That’s me painting poster of Aaftaab by The Local Train while listening to an audiobook.

    One of the most relaxing thing to do while listening to an audiobook is to colour. It is so relaxing to just sit and colour while listening to a story. I usually prefer an easy picture and not one with tiny spaces.
    My favorite colouring book is “Harry Potter Magical Creatures Colouring Book” by “Simon & Schuster”. A friend gifted it to me. (To buy this book click here)

  2. Schedule, Organize and Make To-do Lists.

    I usually do this activity when I am listening to a book that has a light plot. (Random fact about me : I love listening to children’s classics. If you love me please gift me a children’s classics audiobook and make my day :p)
    I prefer organized and scheduled day. I have a bullet journal which is filled with my to-do lists. And as much as I love scheduling my activities, I know that scheduling activities requires time. So I prefer listening to a light audiobook while scheduling my day and making to-do lists.

  3.  Travelling/Driving

    I listen to audiobooks a lot more when I am travelling. Trust me it’s the most amazing feeling. I mean I don’t have to dig my head in a book. I can actually look out of the window and feel the breeze while listening to a great story. Audiobooks and travelling are a match made in heaven!
    Since I don’t drive I have never experienced how it really feels listening to an audiobook while driving but it certainly sounds fun and interesting. You can give it a try.

  4. Playing Candy Crush

    Playing candy crush as I listen to audiobook keeps me more focused and helps me in consuming the story I am listening to in a better way. Although I keep switching to different games. But I prefer only those which does not require much brain work.

  5. Re-organize My Room

    I guess I would never really re-organize my room if I don’t have an audiobook to company me. Sometimes instead of using headphones I even play the audiobook on speaker. This way it seems like the characters are in my room and so I feel them more.


    These are few thing I prefer doing while audiobooking. Audiobooks allow me to read more than I can. My favorites are when an author read his own book – he knows where to whisper and where to yell and show excitement.

    Note – If you dislike audiobooks you need to know that audiobooks opens the scope of reading. Like you can actually sit and consume the story while multi tasking.
    “I did not read it I listened to it.” – why do people feel the need to make the distinction! I think it really points to our obsession with the idea that books are an individual thing. And you on your own need to sit down and read the words otherwise you didn’t do it properly. People are a little uncomfortable with counting it as a reading and I think it should count.

    I have no shame in saying I read a book that I listened to.

Currently I am listening to Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Though the book was one of the texts in my syllabus for forth semester. But back then I didn’t read the text for which I feel guilty now. So I started with it’s audiobook this vacation.

Currently I am at Chapter 21. (It has 38 chapters in total)

I found this audiobook for free in an app on google play store. If you wish to download this application and get it for free click here

Do you listen to audiobooks? Have you ever listened to any? – Start a discussion in the comment section below and I will participate excitedly in it because vacations! :p