Ten Bookish Facts About Me

//This post contains ten bookish facts about me.//

Hello people,
How is everyone’s November going? Mine was filled with many happy moments.

Bookish facts
I went to Amritsar this month and the experience was very amazing. The place gave me chills and happiness.
Bookish facts
November is filled with birthdays of many known people. This is a happy picture I clicked of one of my very cute and close friends. The night of 9 November was indeed a happy night.
Bookish facts
I got so many beautiful gifts this month for it was my birthday on 5th. I got this beautiful wallet of chumbak from my sister and I am very happy about it. Also, one of my close friends gifted me a big panda soft toy.

Well, It’s almost 4 in the morning and I am still awake. I am thinking about my bookish fact. No, I am not awake to just think about my bookish facts. I am awake so I am thinking about it. You understand, Right?

Presenting you all 10 Bookish facts about me.

1. I mostly read at night before bed. Even though I am usually exhausted at night because of the day’s events but I read, It charges me

2. I am very very bad with book series. I am bad at starting book series and even worse at completing them.

3. The book I have read the most is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Though I have lost count but I am pretty sure I have read it six or seven times.

4. Books with maps in it makes my heart very happy. May be this is one of the reason I love Harry Potter series.

5. I refused to read Harry Potter series for years because I found everyone discussing about it a lot so I lost my interest. Then recently I met a person, we became friends, and I found him going crazy for the series. His craziness kind of convinced me to read it.

6. I usually make notes while reading but most of them end up being quite unreadable.

7. I can’t focus on audio-books. They are my weakness.

8. I like hardcover books a lot though I mostly own paperbacks because they are not that costly. But trust me I have a very strong obsession with hardcover books. I am also recently planning to buy hardcover copy of two of my favoriteĀ  books, TFIOS and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

9. Unread books don’t stress me so much as they do to my friends. I mean just imagine the adventure that is still alive and fresh in those books.

10. I hate, I HATE when people judge what other people reads or feel about particular books. Nobody should ever feel ashamed for the books they read.


What are your bookish facts? Tell me about your bookish life please.