Interviewing Debashri Banerjee ‘The Bobby Pins and Other Short Stories’

Interviewing Author of ‘The Bobby Pins and Other Short Stories’ Debashri Banerjee – A worth sharing experience.

It’s 4 in the morning and I am pretty sleepless wondering about the day I interviewed someone for the very first time in my life. Yeah! Last month ‘Half Baked Beans’ a publishing house gave me the opportunity to interview Debashri the author of ‘The Bobby Pins and other short stories.
Interviewing Debashri Banerjee

I was called by the team to their workplace. It took me an hour to reach the designated place. All through the way I was feeling anxious and excited all together. As soon as I reached the place I got occupied with meeting new people. I met few inspiring and affable people and an amazing photographer. An hour later the author arrived. I was dumbstruck to see such a young lady being successful.
The interview began and it was pretty fun to know Debashri and her lifestyle. Later I had an informal talk with her and I even got a signed copy of her book.

Interviewing Debashri Banerjee
I did not know that knowing someone extremely unknown to you can make you feel this good. As the dusk falls I felt my heart filled with dreams and happiness. I indeed had a sound sleep that day.

The day taught me few very important things that I am going to note and save forever :
A. If you have the will to achieve your goals nothing can stop you from achieving it.
B. Being genuine is the key to live a good and successful life.
C. Keep availing opportunities that life offers, you never know what you may miss.

I am certainly waiting for more such days now and I hope life keeps giving me more such opportunities.