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Hashtag : Instagram Detox.

Why I left Instagram for few days even when the earnings of my website depends on it a little?

Instagram Detox

Once I logged in and came back to the platform I got a lot of messages as to why I stopped uploading anything.

Here is my attempt to answer the ‘whys’ for you and for me –

Last month I kept a check on how much time I am spending on Instagram every day and the average was over an hour per day. Mindless scrolling kept me engaged to the platform. But this is not the only reason why I choose to do an Instagram detox for few days (every month).

Improved Socialization.

The major reason why I opt for this therapy is that the more I socialize on Instagram the more tough it gets for me to socialize in real life. Every time I meet someone I know most of the things about his/her life through stories and post updates. This makes it tough to show interest in having a conversation about things I already know and I find myself failing to come up with any interesting topic. Detox helps me in improving my socializing habits in real life.

Everyone Deserves a Chill Saturday Night

The next major reason of taking a detox every now and then is to take a work break. I see people around me attending parties on weekend while I push my limits to reach people when they have the time to read my content and spare most of their time scrolling through my website, going from one room to another, one page to another. For months I found myself trying to feel like I am on a break while actually never having it.

Refuse to Let An App Make You Feel Unworthy

Being in this work field I have started to spend my time on Instagram in a healthy way – taking pauses, turning on post notifications of accounts I don’t want to miss to cut off the scrolling time, not tracking number of likes on my recent post but giving it time to grow and then cherish the growth.

Happiness is Must

Design a life you love and your Instagram feed will follow the same.
Whenever I come back from an Instagram detox I learn something or the other. By now my Instagram rules keep happiness above all.

Instagam Detox
I make sure to never post anything that does not bring me joy.

If any individual or any account triggers you or make you anxious, unfollow it. If something does not fit with your designed life simply remove it and move forward with joy.

I make sure to build and maintain a healthy relationship with the application to stay here on Instagram without anxiety.

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Until next time,
Ankita Taneja