Delight of flipping-through old albums.

//Charm of old photo albums//

The alarm goes off but there I was sulking in bed for another four hours. I knew that today was going to be one of those days when you feel so moody that all moods spill out of your heart like a bag of emotions has turned upside down, I instantly knew I have to take charge of the situation.

I had three options to sort my messy head – write, read, or clean. While I was not really in the mood to pick a book or pen I decided to go ahead with the third option – clean

I mean my room seems neat. Clean table-tops with everything deliberately placed on it, AC remote sitting on right of bed table with vogue magazines artfully placed by the side, all the books arranged as per colour theme in bookshelf, everything dusted and tidy.

I was just wondering that I have literally nothing to clean but then I was instantly reminded of my wild wardrobe.

Here is a description of my wardrobe which is mostly as wild as Friday nights: Large brown coloured rectangular cupboard equipped with some drawers, a mirror, and a storage space. Seems tidy no!?
Open its door and pile of clothes will fall off suffocating you with memories of life before lockdown. Now the problem is not just messy overflowing pile of clothes. What makes my wardrobe wild is that it hoards everything that can make me nostalgic at any hour of the day. Birthday cards by that constant school-friend, Pokémon play-cards that I once collected, letters I scribbled on lonely nights, a journal describing my days with him, funny Polaroid photographs that I captured… and the list is long and wild.

Now as I was sorting it I found something that legit took me back in time. – A bag full of old-albums I paused, smiled, and took it out.
For next few hours I was flipping through old photo albums, capturing some of it with my phone, listening to silly stories that mom told me about little anku, and laughing my heart out.
Such is a charm of old photo-albums.

charm of old photo albums
This is me excitedly posing because dad told that i’ll get chocolate only if i let him click a happy picture of me.
charm of old photo albums
Looks like the deal was of something big here 😀

Nothing can compete with the joy and delight of flipping through old-albums. The era of film cameras gave us the privilege to capture memories in most raw form. I mean just flip through your old photo albums and you will notice how less you cared about posing but more about getting captured in that moment.

charm of old photo albums
Look at me totally obsessing over my adventurous sibling and cousins. You see, we were not forced to pose but enjoy when someone from the family captured us in this raw state of adventure and obsession.

Now the era has totally changed. We pose and capture the same moment n number of times to get the perfect click. Forgetting that the delight of photographs are not in perfection but the sheer imperfectly perfect moment that gets captured in it.

Ft. Beautiful little Anku before signing off 😀

Until next time,
Till then flip through your old photo albums and cherish the memories.