Diwali Rant

//Allow me to do a Diwali Rant! (://

This Diwali people in my society burst crackers to pollute the environment enough to choke every living being. As I write this I am coughing (a lot), and maa is making adrak-wali chai for everyone in the house. I waited for myna to have her share of water but the bird didn’t come today. Maybe she planned to stay in her nest and avoid inhaling pollution.

Lately maa opened WhatsApp and read one of the ugliest message from the society’s group – an aunty told everyone yesterday to burst crackers because that helps in killing mosquitoes and stop the spread of dengue. Aunty ji if you will not be able to breathe you won’t survive enough to catch dengue.

Today in the morning I saw that aunty wearing night suit and jogging shoes and walking around to burn calories inhaling the air that she wholeheartedly polluted last night. Not to forget, she also mentioned that those who are banning crackers are doing it to stop Hindus from celebrating the festival.  

It’s high time that we put environment above religion. It is just so frustrating and sad that people are still not able to understand basic survival facts. Please explain to people around you to stop such evil activities.

While half of the people burst crackers and choke people to death. The other half makes the day very pretty. Dressing up in beautiful Indian outfits, making rangolis, lighting up diyas, and decorating the house with flowers and lights.

Fortunately and sensibly my family keeps Diwali pretty.

Diwali Rant

Yesterday was fun.

Diwali Rant

I wore saree, ate a lot of coconut barfis and ladoos, light diyas, and clicked pictures with family. We also managed to play chess and ludo at the end because staying inside was the only wise option.

The air of my city choked me enough that it somehow became mandatory to visit a plant-nursery.

Diwali Rant

While Maa bought Tulsi and Marigold plants I took a baby cactus home.

Diwali Rant

Also look at this pretty wallpaper worthy picture that I clicked.

Signing off,
Hope you have tastiest ginger tea and biscuits today.
And hope we all have pure and prettiest Diwali next year.