Instagram Accounts I am Drooling Over

Favorite Instagram Accounts.

Hello people,

It has been more than ten days that I have not left my home and I feel too exhausted from my routine now. The only thing I have done the most in these past days is to scroll through my Instagram. Although I have came across few really amazing Instagram accounts. I am sharing four from the list of my favorites.

1. Jiffpom

Favorite Instagram Accounts

According to Guinness World Records Jiffpom is the fastest dog around on two legs. He has also set the record for most Instagram followers by an animal with 7.7 million and counting.
(Jiffpom is my constant cheerboy)

2. Folded Pages Distillery 

Favorite Instagram Accounts

Folded Pages Distillery brings together the props that appear in books in the flatlays.
(It is my favorite bookstagram account.)

3. Catana Comics

Favorite Instagram Accounts

Catana draws comics of herself and her bearded boyfriend John, illustrating all adorable things about their relationship.
(Trust me you will want to send all these to your partner!)

4. Auburnrhyme

Favorite Instagram Accounts

Rimsha is a blogger from UK. Auburnrhyme is full of beautiful pictures and captions.
(Check out her Cacti care tips now!)

What Instagram feeds are you loving these days?
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