Kudos to a new start!

It’s already 12 July 2017 and I am still super happy for 4 July 2017.
Today on 12th July I have decided to add a new category in my website titled “Inside the life of Anku”. Here I will be saving all my days worth saving. I am sure this will help me write more and also I will be able to save a lot of memories (be it happy or sad) that I would have forgotten otherwise. Even after so many days I still chose 4th to write about because the day is indeed important.
The day was filled with so many activities and emotions that I want to note and save forever. This was the day when I finally decided to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. Trust me, I still get this weird anxiety every now and then.
Well! I made two videos in collaboration with SnapOpedia Photography.
Talking about the photography team – Snapopedia is a group of two incredibly savage yet utterly kind boys. They are super amazing, though I met them a long time back but I actually knew them recently.
Note : To know more about them click on the following link :


Talking about the main matter that is the video! We made two videos which I am going to upload pretty soon. So wait and stay tuned. 🙂

We shot the videos in cafes.
At first, in the afternoon we went to ‘The chocolate room’ in Malviya Nagar for our first video. I was so nervous during the shoot. I personally believe I messed it up but then it was my first ever try so I am okay with the outcomes.

This is not a smile of happiness though, this is a mask for anxiety!
This is not a smile of happiness, this is a mask for anxiety!

After completing our work of the afternoon we had some snacks. The shake that I ordered was super amazing.

Italic garlic bread and dutch truffle chocolate shake.
Italic garlic bread and dutch truffle chocolate shake.

Then we went back home, charged the dead battery of the camera and took rest for a while. Later after few hours we went to another cafe to shoot our next video. The shot went pretty better than the last one for I finally had a clue of how to do it. Though there is still lots and lots of scope for improvement.

I wonder what this new beginning will turn out to be!
I wonder what this new start will turn out to be!

They say, new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings and I can’t agree more to it. Every now and then I feel tense about how my life may end up being boring and vacant but then how can I forget that the world is so fuckin’ big and there are lots and lots of stuff to do. This year I have promised myself to grow and explore my own interests instead of the forced one. I will certainly read more books and travel to places I have never been to.
Recently I met a group of poets and made one really charming girlfriend. (Hello Pragya, How you doing? – in case you are reading this.) Also, I have finally decided to buy myself a musical instrument. This may sound weird to people who know me but that’s what life is about – Stepping out of your comfort and try new things because that’s how you grow. Right?

I hope everything goes well.