Photo-walk Twenty Nineteen

With the 2019 on the verge to end here is a photowalk 2019 ~ Lets dive in twenty nineteen –

This is going to be a reflective exercise. And even though I know that photos can converse I won’t stay calm but keep telling about the story behind each. πŸ˜€

Hey, the structure of this post may look very simple but I tell you, it’s not. Choosing one picture that will describe your month highlight is not an easy task, specifically when you are a curious kid. I kept on going through my gallery n number of times to pick these 12 pictures, but I know that this will very significantly define the 12 months of my 2019.

Photowalk 2019!

January 2019,

photowalk 2019
somewhere in the middle of Chalal and Rasol.

The year began with a trip to Himachal Pradesh. You might be thinking I have had so many trips to Himachal and have explored the state enough, but let me tell you the state has a lot to offer. With so many remote villages to explore I have so many reasons to keep visiting the state.
So on January 2019 I explored Rasol village. The trek was not lengthy but so much fun. This was the first time I walked on slush with sneakers. Oopsy i forgot to carry boots!
I remember every slip and every mini heart attack I had. πŸ˜€
The village was so beautiful, it has my heart.

February 2019

photowalk 2019
feed that matters.

I posted this on my Instagram grid and started with Instagram blogging as well. By now my website was doing good enough so I decided to involve my social media accounts in the game. I wanted more traffic and I can’t deny that Instagram really helped me in growing. Also in the same month I made a Pinterest account and one my Pins got 16,000 views and 154 saves. That was an achievement for I just made an account and did only few pins till then.

March 2019

photowalk 2019
met a London based makeup artist.

It was March and my graduation was about to end. Unlike some of my classmates, I had a plan in hand. I was holding it well until the time came really close. Suddenly I started feeling clueless. In the same month I did a small family trip to escape the chaos. Yet I knew it would be a tough month to go through, I am glad I made it to 2020. The same month I also had a make-up shoot with a London based makeup artist. And this picture right here is a behind the scenes shot of the same. I chose this picture to define my March 2019 because the month was otherwise nothing but thoughts and chaos.

April 2019

photowalk 2019
farewell and farewell saree.

April has always been my favorite month because its NaPoWriMo ~ National Poetry Writing Month. I spent it writing and reading poetry.
Click here to read one of favorite poem from 30 days 30 poems collection.

The picture here is from my College farewell. I officially received a farewell from college with a tag “The Treasured Talent”. Since my college days were okayish, I was not crying but I was indeed sad.
Nobody wants graduation years to end! You might skip classes a lot but you never want the phase to end.

May 2019

photowalk 2019
big hair, big dreams.

I spent the month designing diary covers. For those of you who don’t know it I sometime I come up with a sale of my art products. It all began after I uploaded a story of the diary I designed for my sister, and then came orders, more orders and a new trip πŸ˜€

June-July 2019

photowalk 2019

The two months were twin of my 2019. I stayed home resting and reading. It was a much needed life break. Some days I did big things and conquered the universe other days I was really proud of making a spectacular cheese sandwich and not killing myself but either way it was all good. :’)

August 2019

photowalk 2019
a new phase, a new room.

I shifted to a cozy apartment and started working as a Freelance writer. The month was smooth either I was writing for others or for my website. Things were well and I was saving funds for an upcoming trip.
Meanwhile I also wrote articles for a Spanish website (in English) about Spanish slangs and festival of Spain and quench my thirst for a third language. I also started reading more Hindi books, but have barely completed any yet!

Sepetember 2019

photowalk 2019
wake me up when September ends.

The month had a lot of lows. My Dad got sick and was admitted to the hospital. The month taught me the value of expressing emotions. I remember when once I went to meet Dad in ICU I uttered “I love you” to him for the first time in my 20 years. I learnt how important it is to spend time with parents and be expressive with them.
Dad’s Health Update – He is fit now and has even re-joined his office.

October 2019

photowalk 2019
me and my saree obsession.

It was Diwali month!
All the family members were home including my NRI brother.
I WORE SAREE! It was the second time this year when I wore a saree. Now I have developed a special love for the attire and I am looking forward for more such occassions when I can actually buy and wear sarees.

Also I got Fujifilm XT100 as a birthday gift.
Couldn’t have a more happy October then this! :’)

November 2019

Birthday month!!!
Birthday trip :’)

photowalk 2019
Alexa please kidnap November and bring it here.

I planned to celebrate my birthday in a remote village in Himachal. So I did a trip to Kutla to celebrate it. Amidst the smell of fallen pine-needles, cow-dung smoke, fresh green grass, the pure cold water of mountain streams, and the depth and blueness of the sky I felt so overwhelmed.

Also a big Thanks to friends who accompanied me and made the celebration grand.

November 2019 was a blessing.

December 2019

photowalk 2019
Farewell to 2019.

I am rushing into 2020 snuggling in bed with books sipping masala chai time to time.

Photowalk 2019 ends!
The New Year Countdown Begins

After saving the draft, when I proofread this post I felt good. As a whole the year treated me pretty well.
Waiting to know the insights of your 2019 in the comment section.
With Love,
Photowalk 2019,