Gotta Find Ways to Socialize.

quarantine life

There was a time when I started panting characters. From the whole collection Emma and Bella has my heart and I remember painting Bella two times and Emma one for commercial purposes too.

My love for painting characters started when I looked around at the big crowd and realized that everyone has a story, a family, a gang, memories, troubles and achievements, a first kiss, a broken heart, and every human life is detailed. I realized that he might walk into the shop smiling at me but then we will never see each other again. That she might compliment me for the Kurti I am wearing but we will never know what we were thinking.

The big crowd will always be stranger to me, stranger with characters of all kind. While some might make me smile, laugh or cringe but there will always be that distance. The distance that will never let us know each other’s nakedness.

Yet I observe, I observe and paint characters like Emma, beautiful deep down to her soul. And the paradoxical Bella, mad but magic. Locked down at home for next 21 days I have decided to journey into the recesses of my mind and bring back the characters from every nook and corner.

Gotta find ways to socialize.