Tackling Life during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19

is getting serious now and with that the need of social distancing has been raised. From dealing with shortage of masks to stocking up groceries everything is getting rather scary.

Yesterday I shared a list of activities that one can perform while social distancing but I felt there is a lot more that I want to share and say out loud. So here we are back again talking about social distancing and the COVID-19 chaos.

While I was sitting on couch writing this mom entered the room with her phone in hand and showed me a whatsapp message that states two people tested positive from our society apartment. While we were grasping the text another one popped up in next five minutes stating that it was a rumor. I am glad that the sender realized it was fake in five minutes and 20 seconds. This is my appeal to everyone around recheck the facts before spreading it on Whatsapp. Re-read it, reconfirm it, and if you are on the other side as a receiver it is your responsibility to check the authenticity of it before reacting or passing it on. Or else the grocery shops will actually end up selling cow piss in tetra packs and we surely don’t want this to happen.

I know these times are very difficult.
Travel plans had to be cancelled and office work has to take back seat. Public places are shutting down and weddings are getting postponed. Everything from a to z about the COVID-19 and the whole social distancing is a pain in the ass but the need of the hour is to understand how crucial these measures are.

If you find your friends and family members stepping out of home to attend a party or a meeting or anything that is a gathering tell them to stay home right away. Tell them to wash their hands and tuck them to bed. You have to take the lead if they refuse to understand.

Hereby attaching a PDF that explains how you can contribute in flattening the curve. – Read here.

To people still travelling domestically –

I shout a loud “No”.

While you think it is still okay to travel domestically I wonder if you haven’t yet thought of getting stuck in isolation in someone’s homestay or a hotel room. You might be carrying sanitizers but what if you just end up taking the virus from your urban city to the rural area you are excitedly visiting. Does it not worry you enough to send a shiver down your spine? Think about the population of above 60 years old, their vulnerable body might get infected because you refused to sit on your couch.

Amidst everything going on we need to avoid public places, buses, trains, hotel rooms, or any kind of public contact. I also realize that not everyone can do everything. But we have to try our absolute best as a community, starting today. Enhancing social distancing, even by one day, can make a large difference.

Let’s talk about mental health!

While you wash your hands for the third time in 40 minutes and plan to disinfect your room again.
Wait here is a silver lining –

I woke up at 9 in the morning, had a great breakfast and spent some hours studying college books. By the time I started feeling suffocated I jumped out of bed, dressed up in a casual outfit, and clicked a series of self-portraits.

This is what we all need to remember. While we can’t go outdoors there are many indoor things to do and keep yourself occupied. Don’t let your mind take a dive into the pool of thoughts that will end up making you anxious and disturbed.

I know you can’t reach out to hug your friends so here I bring you a pocketful of sunshine 🙂 –

If there is something bothering you, or the chaos is making you anxious, or you feel like holding a conversation in general; I am here (at lifeasanku@gmail.com). I am definitely up to hold a positive conversation.
Let’s start a positive thread – Leave me a love note and I will send you one back.
Conversations are not cancelled.
Relationships are not cancelled.
Self-care is not cancelled.
Hope will never be cancelled.

Let’s dive into the good stuff that remains.


  1. Keep a water bottle beside you and drink sip by sip
  2. Keep your phone away. A lot of stimulus to the brain makes it worse.
  3. Have something sweet – Chocolate, mithai, barfi; anything.
  4. Lay down with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing.

I know sometimes it feels like everything is getting out of hands but remember there is something you can always do to bring the mood under control. Find your crack and heal it.

I have tons of untold stories from my travels and life in general.

There is no end to becoming a better writer. These days I keep a diary handy and whatever pops up in my head goes there. From writing prompts, to blog post titles, and Instagram series I am stocked up to spread the content and positivity on every social media platform. After all, I am allowed to take a little break from the negative news out there!

social distancing

The colour changing sky interrupts me every time I sit in my balcony to write a poem, the shayaris in Rekhta is helping me in learning some great hindi and urdu words, with shortage of aadrak at home I have finally developed love for elaichi-wali-chai, and not to forgot I appreciate the beautiful walls of my room and keep dusting my old books.  

Ending this with a tweet that made me cry last night!

Until next time,
Ankita Taneja