Why I Journal.

Why I journal.
Before I begin to tell you the whys, here is my recent journal entry that i made at 4 am in the morning on 9th June.

9 June 2019,
It’s 4:20 am and I am still awake. No I didn’t sleep in the afternoon, nor I took any evening nap. And no I am not calling myself insomniac. Nor trying to join 4 am cool kids group.I just didn’t sleep today (may be) because rn I don’t feel like sleeping. My mind is too restless to be in such a small body. So here I am taking a thoughtful break from stretching the body.
Even though I live in a gated society where no traffic is possible, I can hear a lot of noise.

Do you also sometimes tell people around you to talk in signs, because you don’t want any noise?
Do you also cover your room with carpets so it absorbs all the sound?
Do you also sometimes try to make peace and sustain it?

Because if you do not. I suggest you to please do. 🙂 You are a human, you will screw things and you will need your space afterwards.It’s inevitable. The sooner we acknowledge this, the more carpets we will be able to buy happily. 😀
Peace is bliss. ☮️

Why I journal?

  • It brings me clarity. I understand my mood better when I talk about it. Sometimes we feel troubled, or sad, or overwhelmingly happy, but we don’t have any reason for the same. Journaling about uncertain moods definitely helps us in understanding it better.
  • I can yell and no one will be hurt. I can definitely yell at my journal. and just sometimes it helps me in staying calm and reduces my stress. I just feel less frustrated after doing so.
  • I journal to know myself better. Writing about my day, moods and life has helped me with increased self-awareness. If you feel distance from yourself, Try journaling to know yourself better.
  • And last but not the least, it helps me in keeping account of my important days. I don’t prefer journaling every day or event. I write about moments that deserve a place in my journal. I write when i extremely feel about anything. I record my intense moods. I write and journal when i feel like doing it.

Thought of the day by @Ketnipz

//Be kind to ya mind//

why i journal
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