The Un-do List

The Un-do List.
Dedicated to people who are obsessed with making lists.

Generally I fill my days with to-do lists. To-do lists help me to keep track of my daily activities, so I can get it all done and be in peace. It also helps me in accomplishing more than I can. It’s the place I go to when I am not confident in the direction I am going but this month I have decided to make an un-do list too.
(Wait! let me be clear – I am not giving up my to-do lists at all)

The un-do list is a little and easy tactic that you can use to push things out of your life that don’t make you happy or productive.

the un-do list
Here is my un-do list that gives me permission to do less, worry less and overcome my bad habits.

The Un-do List.
i. More social media than social activity.
ii. Saying “It’s okay” when it’s not.
iii. Procrastination.
iv. Always saying yes.
v. Looking for emotional support.

(Fill your un-do list with whatever you want less in your life!)

NOTE – If you wish to achieve your personal goals you must actively work upon you un-do list. Self-care is vital. So every time you catch yourself doing something you are not suppose to do, mark it. That way you have a baseline for improvement for the next month. If you slip up, don’t get down on yourself, just try not to do it again the next time.

So on a scale of 1 to 10 how obsessed you are with making lists?