A Playlist for Every Mood.

Ultimate Mood Playlist.

Here is a list of songs for every mood. An Ultimate Mood Playlist!

1. When you feel homesick

Country Roads, John Denver.

2. When you need to cry

Hello, Adele.

3. When you want to cheer-up

Hey Jude, The Beatles

4. When you are stressed

Stressed out, twenty one pilots.

5. When you feel like everything is perfect

Paradise, Coldplay

6. When you are travelling

Khudi, The Local Train.

7. When you are sad

Silence, Marshmallow

8.When you miss someone

K, Cigarettes After Sex.

9. When you feel loved

Aap ki Nazro Ne Samjha, Sanam,

10. When you feel insecure

Little Things, One Direction. 

Also my constant morning song is 5am by Pink Floyd. Which one is yours?