Hurt that hurts

NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 07
//hurt that hurts//

i. The painting I made three years ago has faded,
The medow with people around
Is left with just a background of a medow.
It either seems too vague to be a painting
Or too lifeless with the shadows of old beings.

ii. The third stair from the bottom always creaks
I always forget and rush over it,
So I always get caught by life,
I either shake so badly
Or I feel too tired to move.

iii. The bi-annual outburst of my rebel-ness
Always results in tears and red hair
Color that keeps fading
I either keep wearing a cap to hide the truth
Or I feel too isolated to be asked what’s true.

iv. The constant reminder to me from me is “to jump”
Birds sing because
flight is the kind of joy worth singing about!
This thought – It either hurts as if to hurt,
Or makes me too comforted to feel any hurt.

Napowrimo 2019 is going great till now.

There are some days when i struggle to write and then there are some when i wake up with something in my head. The aim anyway is to not leave the paper blank, and till now i am succeeding.

Kudos to NaPoWriMo 2019.

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