NaPoWriMo (13-15)

National poetry writing month 2k17 ~A poem a day keeps the doctor away.

Day 13

//Throwback to school days poetry//


Who says we are made of atoms?
We are made of stories,
And poems,
And memories,
And all the places we have been to,
We are made of our favourite song.
We are made of people,
And friends,
And haters,
And the society we live in,
We are made of all the admirers we have.
We are made of dreams,
And regrets,
And fears,
And scars,
We are made of all the learnt lessons.
We are made of colours of the rainbow,
And moon stains,
And sunshine,
And star stuff,
We are made of deep oceans.
Who says we are made of atoms?
We are a universe in ourselves,
With stardust in our bones,
And the cosmos within us.

Day 14



I am sure you don’t know it,
But the 12th of June 2001 to me,
Was the 26/11 of the Indians,
The 1945 of the Japanese,
The 9/11 of the Americans,
It is the day you made a battlefield of my soul,
I tried to escape,
I tried to fight,
But you,
You destroyed me.


Day 15



To pronounce someone in your life,
As being most important,
Than all of those other friends,
That despite not being romantic,
But still profoundly important,
Is incredible.