NaPoWriMo (16-18)

National poetry writing month 2k17 ~A poem a day keeps the doctor away.

Day 16



Such an inescapable feeling it is,
But then it is only through this darkest moment,
I learned the most about myself,
Assessing parts of my own self,
Becoming aware of what I possess,
I started spending time differently,
Reading, writing,
Imagining and sketching.
It is through this darkest moment,
I became more creative and animated,
Perhaps being weathered and worn,
Only make us more passionate,
Perhaps these rough survived storms,
Are proof of our anchors’ strength.

Day 17



I have always,
Always disliked endings.
Last day of summer,
The final chapter of a great book,
Parting ways with a close friend.
Endings are inevitable.
Leaves fall,
You close the book,
You say goodbye,
And it ends.
But just because you’re leaving,
Doesn’t in any way lessen our love for each other,
There’s always few people who are so much a part of us,
They are our solid ground, our North Star.
They will always be the little clear voices in our hearts that will be with us,
Always and
For goodbyes just simply means we will miss each other more until the next meet.

Day 18

//What is love//


It is not just bloomed flowers,
Or the fragrance of earth after the rain,
It is my dear the fading leaves in the month of autumn.
It is not just your lips on mine,
Tangled tongues,
Skipped heartbeats,
Or stolen breathes,
It is two souls but same emotions,
Two pair of eyes but same dreams,
Two lives but same reasons.
It is not just peaceful,
But also wide.
It is not just promises,
But also sacrifices.
It is not just a four letter word,
But a complete lengthy series.
It is not just a fairytale or a storybook filled with rainbows and roses,
Rather it is fighting battles together,
Conquering obstacles,
Holding on and never letting go.
What is love?
It is when you see nothing but everything,
And it all looks the same,
Because it all looks like that one person.