NaPoWriMo (19-21)

National poetry writing month 2k17 – A poem a day keeps the doctor away.

Day 19



Everybody knows :
what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you,
but not knowing something
you need to,
or not knowing enough,
often leads to misunderstandings.
So honey when I sometimes ask you
‘What you mean?’
Don’t mind,
I ask it just to hear you say,
‘You know what I mean’.

Day 20



We buy animals to replace humans,
Fold paper to give wings
to a swan,
Quietly we scream into the earth,
Quietly we give back.
We learn to sink beneath the soil,
Until someone walks by,
Scattering seeds,
And placing the watering can gently on our heads.
The idea of moisture so close,
That we can relish the metal.
So thin, it begins to melt,
Unknowingly before it dissolves.

Day 21



The fall belongs to you,
So the darkest days are always mine.
I knew you couldn’t stay.
Whatever grain I carried,
You came to claim it like a wild crow,
And wild animals don’t stay,
They don’t make you their home.