Passion – NaPoWriMo 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018


Picture credits – Sanjeev Sihag

This passion I am talking about,

This passion I am talking about makes me feel
like my soul is burning with disgust,
Burning up with the most violent flame,
and as this passion touches my body
My heart starts to sob,

My heart starts to sob,
For I feel like color green,
And when I look at it,
When I look at myself standing straight in front of the mirror
It looks like strobing lights seen through closed eyes,

With closed eyes,
When I smell this passion holding it real close
With one hand supporting the back and the other around the neck.
It smells like color blue,
Cold and deep,
This passion.

This passion I am talking about reminds me of the smell of your T-shirt,
It reminds me of betrayal,
Of heartbreak,
Of scarred wrists,
Of swollen tongues,
Of misunderstandings,
Of fights,
Of flaws,
It reminds me of you.

It reminds me of you honey,
But a world beyond you,
A world distant from you,
I see tall purple trees,
And bright red sky,
And a white silent castle,
Across the orange bushes.
And oh I forgot to tell you,
I forgot to tell you,
That I am that castle,
Standing unique, high and alone.

Alone I forgot the broken strings,
The old torn books,
The spilled ink,
The empty pages.
I stand alone, with no company by my side.
One day may be I will find another passion,
Or may be I will not.
Or may be I should not.
But till then,
I let this passion looks like a cloud floating in a hot air balloon,
Like a shiny gift box revealing emptiness after you open it,
Like a glass of whiskey which you can’t really stand,
Like disaster,
Bang, blast, boom.
Till then honey,
I let this passion look like me.