NaPoWriMo (22-24)

National poetry writing month 2k17 ~A poem a day keeps the doctor away.

Day 22

//Things I want you to know//


1. Sleepless nights, endless diaries.
I do them all.
(The good thing here is I am feeling,
The bad thing, that I am falling.)

2. I spend most of my day,
Staring at you,
Imagining scenarios of night,
How we might go home,
And talk about art, literature, football and everything.
And then you will hug me goodbye,
Telling me I am not as worthless as I think I am.
(I think I am thinking too much.)

3.These days I secretly paint
But don’t dare to share it,
Because they are all my thoughts
And they are what belongs to you.
(That’s what emotions do :
Make you who you aren’t.)

4. This unsettling truth of you,
Not choosing me anymore,
Is something I can’t write about,
For there are certain words my ears are prone to,
Especially from your lips.

Day 23

//Bad blood//


Sometimes love happens,
Beyond religions,
Between orange and green.
In a barrier free land,
Of red sky,
And blue grass,
Of the Lord as one,
And not Allah and Jesus.
Sometimes love happens,
In a bus full of strangers,
Or a room full of art,
Or the queue outside the ATM
It starts with a stare.
But the evil spirits of society,
Ban it all on the stare.
For merging orange and green,
Results in brown,
And brown is flawed,
Unreasonably conflicting.
Sometimes love is found,
Like a faded leaf in a garden full of green grass.
And sometimes it hits,
As an unwanted accident,
During endless wars,
In struggling nights.
Sometimes love happens,
Long after love is killed,
With sharp knives,
And bullets for peace,
In a land full of illusion,
With a bigger infinity.
It happens.

Day 24


We all get stuck in wrong stories sometimes,
It’s just not all of us know how to run away.