NaPoWriMo (28-30)

National poetry writing month 2k17 ~A poem a day keeps the doctor away.

Day 28


Today I feel pretty helpless,
Helpless but wild,
Wild but easily tamed,
Tamed but cannot be owned.
Today I am too stubborn,
Even with my own self,
Yet I feel so fragile,
Fragile to easily break the grip.
Today I am seeking peaceful stability,
While my soul lit up like a Christmas tree.
You see!
It’s all in the simplicities,
Which can turn into complexities.

Day 29

//Late night conversation//

unnamedHe asked her how she makes art,
And she used all fancy heavy words
To describe her work,
But instead the truth was
Beyond these pretentious words,
For she never actually made art,
She just spilled her bottle of madness,
On a white plain unruled sheet,
Which to him looked like an art.

Day 30

//Dear writers//

deari. You are not perfect,
And your readers want you to be-
But you aren’t,
So learn failure early,
Else those nights spent awake
In the attempt of writing something,
Those sheer white blank pages,
Waiting for your scarred words,
And your empty mind,
Might haunt you for days.

ii. Learn to bleed your words anywhere,
Whether it be on a ruled sheet,
Used napkins,
Or faded leaves,
In darkness or in daylight,
May be in the corner of your room,
Or in your car,
Going too fast with tired eyes,
Down an empty road
That you would not mind dying on.

iii. Be honest with your words,
Like it’s your skin pulled back
And exposed under white light.
Recall the feeling of broken heart
And shiver at the thought of another,
Or rethink your happiest of happy days,
And write it as it just happened.