NaPoWriMo (4-6)

National poetry writing month 2k17 ~ A poem a day keeps the doctor away.

Day 4



I might never know the reason,
Or meaning of my existence,
I might never know,
What fills my bones,
I might never know,
What to mind is happiness,
But walking alone in green meadows,
Under the dazzling blue sky,
Singing poetry to myself,
I know where I must go and why.

Day 5

//Things I want to tell you.// ?


• I love you since the first day
And not just from the one
I mentioned it to you.

• I call you panda
Because I own a ‘I love panda’ tee.
Silly? Not much.

• I write poetry about you on used tissues,
And crumbled papers.
Sometimes on faded leaves too,
And I hope someday
I will be courageous enough
To give it all to you.
And that someday you will be generous enough
To keep it all inside the pocket of your blue trouser.

• I trip on thousand things
But your mischievous smile tops the list.

• You sometimes seem to me like a tornado,
A whirlwind,
Who can destroy me completely
By spinning me into the infinite space.
And I want to run away
Far away,
But I barely know you yet.
I barely know what I have to run from.


Day 6

// Lacuna.//

I guess I learned it when dad left,
How to turn my lonely into busy,
But mommy,
With him went so much of me too,
For there’s nothing more I ever wanted,
Than just being daddy’s little girl.
Today when I look at stars in night,
I can not help but live in the past.
I sometimes even try to measure this pain,
On the infinite scale of one to death,
Figuring out the unknown fact,
That what will hurt more,
The shock of what happened,
Or the ache of what never will.